Business Development Manager - Singapore

The role of the business developer is broad ranging and more sophisticated than most inside sales roles.

New Business:


You are the initial point of contact with our prospects and it is your job to introduce our business and services, educate the prospect and persuade them to commit to an initial meeting with one of our highly experienced and qualified advisors.


  • Contacting prospects and qualifying them as prospects against criteria
  • Booking prospects into meetings with our financial consultants
  • Assigning the qualified meeting to the appropriate consultant
  • Ensuring meetings booked are diarised AND attended
  • Entering the result of the meeting into the pipeline tool
  • Maintaining the client relationship management system to develop prospects
  • Using email and social media to keep in touch with prospects
  • Attending networking events to generate leads

Skill set required:

You will need tenacity and a “never give in attitude”. High energy is a must and you must love being on the phone talking to new people. This is a sales job so there will be rejection but also lots of success and you must be able prepared to cope with this.

Business Development:


You will work in partnership with your adviser to manage the sales process beyond the first meeting. The sale can be very simple and concluded in 2 meetings or can take a number of meetings spread over an extended period of time with complex interactions.


  • Managing the business pipeline tool
  • Liaising with the Advisor to allocate next actions to drive the sale forward
  • Liaising with the client to discuss proposals, establish next steps and book and confirm 2nd and subsequent meetings.
  • Following up on proposals and understanding the next steps in the process and allocating the appropriate resource.

Skill set required:

Your attention to detail, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills will be tested to the maximum. Whilst you are not the lead sales person in the process you can materially affect whether the deal happens and also how quickly it happens.



Whilst you will be given prospects to work from the best prospects are those who are closes to your own centre of influence.


  • Researching prospects on LinkedIn and online to help develop and qualify them as potential prospects
  • Also use LinkedIn/Social Media as a tool to contact potential prospects
  • Use digital sources to identify potential new prospects un-known to GFC
  • Network with existing clients and prospects to generate referrals.
  • Attend social and business networking events with the aim of building relationships that become as source of leads

Skill set required:

Your outgoing personality and strong conversational skills will enable you to network effectively and a disciplined and organised mind will help you to generate and manage a broad source of lead generation tools.

Metrics for balanced scorecard

  • Book a minimum of 22 first meetings per calendar month
  • 15 first meetings to be attended
  • Contacting 100 people per business day

Career development:

  1. Become a Financial Adviser
  2. Become Business Development Team Leader

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